Terra 5.0 First Aid Kit

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Available in 3 different sizes, the Terra 5.0 First Aid Kit will cover a large variety of needs. The Terra 5.0 First Aid Kit is a customer favorite. We've had great reviews about the quality of this kit and it comes highly recommended.

Compact design easily fits in your car glove box or under the seat. Built to be tough & endure rigorous travel, hiking or camping yet lightweight and flexible enough to fit into crammed backpacks and luggage. Plastic cases break easily, this kit won't. Extra space in the kit for your personal items such as ointments, aspirins and medications. Each of the contents, such as bandages, gauze mats, swabs, etc. are high quality to help better stop bleeding & blood clotting. The bag is also waterproof!

The different compartments are Color Coded, Green for 'Information', Red for 'Trauma', Blue for 'Hygiene' and Black for 'Tools'.

(We don't supply pain relievers as this is usually a personal requirement.)