Terra 5.0 Emergency Tourniquet


It has been shown that tourniquets save lives in the military and law enforcement, but one of the largest problems in adapting tourniquets to civilian use is complacency. In average civilian life, you will not need a tourniquet often. In fact, most of us will go our entire lives without needing one. If you do need a tourniquet, however, you need it fast. Even though tourniquets are underused in civilian life, there is evidence supporting their need.

The Terra 5.0 emergency tourniquets are cuff-like devices designed to stop severe traumatic bleeding before or during transport to a care facility. They are wrapped around the limb, proximal to the site of trauma, and tightened until all blood vessels underneath are occluded.

Available with 3 options.

  • Tourniquet
  • Tourniquet with Scissors and Soft Carry Case
  • Tourniquet with Hard Carry Case